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10 Things Our Customers Have Said About Us

10 Things Our Customers Have Said About Us

Wow Ten Years!

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since we started this journey. 10 years of helping and supporting people and 10 years of making new friends and watching some of our customers grow from children into adults. It has been amazing.

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do so we asked them to tell us what they think of us and we weren’t disappointed.

Here’s What You Said:

“As a complete utter newbie to all of this. It’s nice to have somewhere to go that has the knowledge, stock, and support to guide you through it”

– Danielle

“Chewigem is a company that is understanding, accepting and helpful and gets to know its customer base. It stocks the best sensory items and comes up with innovative ideas such as the very important chewers (VIC) membership”

– Rebecca C

“Just brilliant. Fantastic products, excellent customer services, and a whole community of people as obsessive (if not more!) about chewies as I am” 

– Leela

“Chewigem is a fantastic company that supports sensory needs like no other. They have a product to suit everyone and brilliant customer service from a team who really care” 

– Rebecca O

“Chewigem doesn’t just produce fantastic Chewies or stock sensory items they partner up with some other companies so that their members can benefit. They offer support and a wonderful community. The VIC group gives me the opportunity to try to find my true self in a smaller environment- which is a big help”

– Naemi

“As someone who uses Chewigem but also as a staff member. I recommend Chewigem to parents for children and also use the products in our school regularly”

– Ashleigh

“Chewigem made me realise I am not alone out there! Having ASD and sensory problems can feel like it’s just you, but have discovered loads of other people are just like me!”

– Milly

“I absolutely love the community and even find support myself. The community is one of the main reasons we are VIC’s. Everyone is so supportive and ready to offer advice if they have been through something similar or ready to recommend the best Chewigems. There are sooo many different chewigems to suit different texture/durability needs, an amazing choice of colour and absolutely fantastic helpful service. Chewigem are more than a business selling products, there support is amazing and they have loads of information on their site, and great podcasts!” 

– Siobhan & Niamh

“We like them because of the colours, they are pretty, they look nice and you can wear them for parties”

– Lara & Ben

“I like Chewigem because they’re more than just a company, they actually care about the customers and will do anything to help – no matter how long it takes to find the chew for you they’ll help you find it”

– Casper

Thank You All So Much

We say this time and time again, our customers are the centre of everything we do. The comments, reviews and feedback we’ve had over the last 10 years has been incredible. Some of you we’ve known for 10 years, some of you we are only just starting to get to know. We’ve met some of you in real life and some of you virtually. Some of you live down the road and others are oceans away. So here’s to the next 10 years and meeting many more of you.