Colour Changing Aroma Diffuser Bluetooth and Speaker

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Colour Changing Aroma Diffuser Bluetooth and Speaker

Colour Changing Aroma Diffuser Bluetooth and Speaker


There are times when we need to regulate our sensory system to feel calm and balanced. There are many ways to do this using lots of different senses. It is important to have self-regulating strategies in place for when you are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded.

The Colour Changing Aroma Diffuser Bluetooth And Speaker

This speaker is an amazing self-regulating tool. It covers 3 of our senses and can be used to cover all 3 or just one at a time.

  • Visual (sight)

This is a colour changing speaker has 9 LED bulbs. It lights up one colour or you can set it to rotate through many colours.

  • Olfactory (smell)

With this speaker comes 6 essential oils, but you can add your own smells to this. You add a couple of drops to water and once the speaker is set up it will fill the room with a beautiful aroma.

  • Auditory (sound)

Connects via Bluetooth to both IOS & Andriod to play your favourite calming playlist.

Other Senses

When playing your favourite music you may find yourself getting up and moving to the music. This will help to regulate both your proprioceptive (body awareness)  and vestibular (balance) senses.


This product is perfect for anyone with sensory processing difficulties or just for anyone as a cool funky speaker. It would look great in a sensory room, in your bedroom or at a party!

We keep ours in the living room so that everyone can use it but the kids have asked if they can have one in their bedrooms! I’m reluctant to give it up as it really is mesmerising and great to cover up the smell of wet dog in my living room lol. The beauty of the credit system is we can save up monthly until we have enough credits for another one … or two!

Check out the video of how it works below!

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