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We turned 10 and are celebrating, find out what is in store!

We turned 10  and are celebrating, find out what is in store!

My how you have grown! 

December 2010 seems like a lifetime ago, and yet only yesterday at the same time! 

In the blink of an eye, our little venture that started with myself and my husband on the kitchen table is ten years old! My babies are no longer babies, the world has changed, the team has grown and Chewigem has grown and  evolved beyond recognition. 

Many new companies fail within the first few years, so it really is an achievement to have lasted a decade and to be looking forward to an exciting future! Our plans are exciting, so it will be fascinating to see what we will have accomplished  when we celebrate our 20th birthday. 

In the last ten years we have had an impact in the world of Sensory Processing Disorder and made a real difference to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and this feels amazing,. n fact, the word amazing is simply not enough… I don’t actually believe there is a single word that exists which really captures the feeling.  

We know that without our community and without our customers we would not be here today. We never take  for granted the people who trust in us, who help us spread the word and inspire our content, and for that reason we want  say THANK YOU and invite you to take part in our 10 year celebrations.

Our celebrations over the next 10 days

  • Keep an eye on our Facebook page  for news of our celebrations
  • On day 10 – the 29th January – we are hosting a LIVE celebration on our Facebook page where we will be giving away a grand prize bundle worth over £500 of sensory treats and an additional 9 prizes to runners up. All you need to do to enter is  sign up here and make sure you are watching the Facebook live at 7.30 pm (GMT) on Friday 29th January! To be in with a chance of winning, you just need to  to enter the draw AND be present for the live. AND if you are already a VIC you will get automatic double entry which will increase your chances of winning!
  • PLUS we will be running  the following special one-off deals and offers
    • If you are not a VIC sign up to our 3 month offer which is running now.  Tell me more.
    • 10 Bangle Bundle – this will save you 40% (and uses just 5 credits for VIC’s,) 
    • 10% off ALL Chewigem Originals 
    • 20% off all Credit Bundles for VICs
    • 10 Necklace Bundle  – will save you 40% (and uses just 5 credits for VICs)


We have some great new blogs coming up all themed around the number 10 –  in these you will learn more about SPD, our team and other things we hope you will find fun! .

We can’t wait for the  next ten days of celebrations and hope you will join us – and we’ve done our very best to ensure there’s something in the plan to suit everyone!