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Child & Adolescent Mental Health – The Facts!

Child & Adolescent Mental Health – The Facts!


Monday 10th October is World Mental Health Day so we’ve gathered some facts about Child & Adolescent Mental Health.  Nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer from severe depression and on average, three children in every classroom in the UK have a diagnosable mental health disorder.



In 2004

(The last national morbidity survey for children and young people’s mental health was carried out in 2004).

1 in 10 children and young people aged between 5 and 16 were reported as having a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder.

4% had an emotional disorder (anxiety or depression)

6% had a conduct disorder

2% had a hyperkinetic disorder

1% had a less common disorder such as autism

2% of children had more than one type of disorder

Approx 50% of looked-after children are reported to have emotional or behavioural difficulties

1/3 of children and young people in contact with the criminal justice system have been looked after

In 2013/14

51,000 15–19-year-olds were referred to psychological therapies

With double the number of referrals for young women than young men

There is an upward trend in new referrals to Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services for under 18s

There were 3,372 inpatient admissions under the child and adolescent psychiatry speciality (main speciality) in 2014/15

1,260 of those were emergency admissions

There were a total of 261,475 outpatient attendances in 2014/15 (treatment speciality by attendance type) Under the child and adolescent psychiatry speciality



I was having a bad time and kept trying to strangle myself and wanted to jump out of the window.  Running away into the road or trying to jump from a moving car was common.  I thought I was going to be put into an asylum which made it worse and I didn’t want to live.  I had to go to the hospital because my parents were struggling to stop me from hurting myself and we saw a guy from CAMHS.  After that, my parents took me to CAMHS and they gave me a choice appointment. The next step was talking therapy and I have started seeing a lovely lady called Elaine. It helps me to talk about my problems with her in a quiet room with no distractions where we are both 100% focused on me.

At home, it can be noisy and Mam and Dad are busy or the dogs are barking or Joe is noisy.  I enjoy my Sessions with Elaine and I feel Better for talking to her.  Sometimes I feel bad that I have mental health problems and need to go to these appointments but Mam said it’s good to do this and I am doing really well and she is so proud of me.  Talking is brilliant, I would recommend that anyone suffering from mental health problems tell someone and get help.


Young Minds want to put a spotlight on young people’s mental health and get everyone joining in on the conversation, raising awareness for children and young people’s mental health through their new #HelloYellow campaign.  For more information visit their website.

Sources Mental Health Network NHS Confederation and Young Minds