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How Young Carers Helped Me

How Young Carers Helped Me


My sister is Autistic and life is sometimes very hard.  She doesn’t sleep and at the time I was referred to Young Carers she was very depressed and that made me really sad and depressed too.


I was missing school a lot of because I had a sore tummy. It made me feel fell nervous and ill. I didn’t know it was because of things going on in my life. I just thought I was poorly.

Because of my absences school spoke to my parents. They said they could make a referral to young carers. My parents agreed and the referral went ahead. Very quickly a lady called Melanie came to see me at school.

What Happened

The first time I saw Melanie she asked me some questions. I answered them using different faces depending on how I felt. The questions were about my life and my sister. Melanie was nice. 

After that Melanie came to see me regularly in school. We did Art Therapy and chatted. This made me feel much better. She told me about young carers trips and events. She also said I could meet other young carers like me.

This made me feel a bit nervous so she arranged for me to meet another young carer. This was good because he went to my school. So we had some sessions together.


This has really helped. Now I know if I want to go on a trip I won’t be going alone. Talking to Melanie about things has really helped. I didn’t even realise that my life was different from anyone else’s. 

You can find out more about young carers here