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Keeping a Chewing Diary

Keeping a Chewing Diary

We have diaries for everything these days.  Just search for one on Amazon and you’ll find one for something.  I have a food diary, a fitness diary, a positivity diary.  Today I want to talk to you about a chewing diary.

Creating a good chewing habit is so important.  You don’t want to chew unsafe non-food items or see someone you love chewing something unsafe.

Chewing something safe can be hugely beneficial for those with the need to chew.  Chewing has some amazing benefits and is a really important part of self-regulation.

It isn’t easy to break the habit of unsafe chewing but with the help of a chewing diary, you will find it much easier. With a diary, you can see patterns that you may miss if you haven’t noted them down.

It takes 21 days to form a habit and we want to help you create a safe chewing habit.  With the help of a diary, you will get their quicker.  A chewing diary can help pinpoint:

  • when you are chewing
  • why you are chewing
  • what you are chewing

We chew for many reasons and it is usually based around our sensory system and our emotions.  With a chewing diary, you can pinpoint this and see what is triggering your chewing.

You can monitor the things that you are chewing and how it made you feel. There will be a pattern, and with the help of a diary, you will see this.  You will also be able to note the benefits of chewing.

A chewing diary can help to change your chewing habits from unsafe non-food items to much safer alternatives.

So why not give it a try?