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Is She Like Rain Man?

Is She Like Rain Man?

When my daughter was first diagnosed with Autism people often asked me if she was like “Rain Man”.

Okay, she could not go to Vegas and count cards, she hasn’t memorized the phonebook and NO we can’t drop toothpicks and ask her how many are there!

She can, however, tell you anything you want to know about Metal Sonic or Pokemon! She is an amazingly talented artist and has a flair for maths.

Raymond in the film is autistic and adheres to STRICT ROUTINES

  • He always watches Jeopardy
  • Goes to bed at 11 pm
  • Has to have Maple syrup on the table prior to the pancakes
  • Eats with a toothpick rather than a knife and fork

He also has SUPERB RECALL but he shows little EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION except when in distress.

Sound familiar?

Raymond struggles with literal thinking. A great example of this is when crossing the road. The sign says walk and he does just that. But when the sign changes to Don’t Walk, he stops in the middle of the street!

He also repeats phrases

“Bam the future of rock n roll”

This is called Echolalia, how many of our children do this with adverts?

Other things you will notice about Raymond is that he

  • doesn’t like to be TOUCHED,
  • doesn’t like LOUD NOISES
  • puts his HANDS OVER HIS EARS
  • HITS HIMSELF in the head when frustrated.

Raymond likes routine and will only buy his underwear from a certain store and always the same type of underwear.

I don’t know about you but this all sounds very similar to my daughter!