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Pool Safety and Supervision – A Quick 8 Step Guide!

Pool Safety and Supervision – A Quick 8 Step Guide!


Summer holidays are always bags of fun but sometimes we forget how important pool safety can be.

As a parent we should always take note of the depths and gradients in the pool – try to be seated at the shallower end if you have children who are unable to swim.  Children often are so excited about getting to the pool on the first day they have no idea of the pools orientation.


Take note of the pool features and equipment e.g. rapids, water cannons, waterslides, splash pool and most importantly inflatables.

9 times out of 10 inflatables are in the deeper end of the pool if your child can not swim they should not be on this without suitable armbands/life vest and supervision from a parent/guardian at all times.


Make sure you have a clear vision i.e. where ever possible don’t sit behind a structure (big stones or trees) that will impair vision.


Accidents caused by running on the poolside are very common.  Children love to run and jump into a pool however tiles when wet become exceptionally slippery.  If they do jump, make sure it is from the pool ledge.


I would always recommend long hair to be tied back either scooped up into a bun or a French plait.  In the pool, the water sampling outlets can be strong and can suck free-flowing hair trapping them underneath.  Don’t risk it.


If you are not a confident swimmer yourself and there is no Lifeguard manning the pool, I would ask the Complex for help to locate one.

And lastly, if you do feel there are a rowdy young crowd in the pool and no parents to be seen, have a quiet word with the Lifeguard – you are perfectly within your rights to communicate your risk assessment, after all, we all want to have an enjoyable holiday.

Have a great Summer!