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Power Up & Stay Warm with the Dual Purpose Power Bank Hand Warmer!

Power Up & Stay Warm with the Dual Purpose Power Bank Hand Warmer!
If your hands constantly get cold and hurt in the winter and your phone is often low or out of battery… We have a solution!


Modern life means we spend lots of time on our phones. This often means we run out of charge because we don’t always have access to a charging cable. Running around from one place to another especially in the winter means I’m often buying coffee or hot chocolate to keep my hands warm.


How Inconvenient!

I don’t know about you but I always run out of battery at the most inconvenient times. Usually, if I’m on a bus or a train and need to keep busy or listen to music to block out the noise. This can make travel immensely overwhelming.

I’m also the person who runs out of battery on their phone when they desperately need to be picked up from the train station or bus stop. No battery to ask for help and I don’t know anyone’s phone numbers by heart … they’re all on my phone, which is now dead!

Sometimes I’ll get a message from a customer wanting to make a change on their order. Have you heard of sod’s law? It means if something can go wrong it will and so for me that’s running out of battery and not being able to respond to a customer.

A Boost In Your Pocket

Power banks are amazing inventions. If you’re anything like me then you really should carry one around with you. I’m not saying you’ll never run out of charge again but you’re way less likely and along with power-saving mode and my power bank I’ve been pretty lucky.

No more travelling on public transport without access to my music.

No more being stranded at the station or having to find somewhere to charge my phone so I can call for a lift home.

And 9/10 I can catch an order change before it’s shipped (l am only human).

Take Some Heat

I not really a cold person but when it’s cold outside my hands get freezing! I hate the feel of gloves on my hands they just feel so restrictive. Now instead of buying a cuppa to warm my hands, I have a hand warmer in my pocket ready to go. I seriously must have saved a small fortune … coffee is hella expensive.

The handwarmer doesn’t have to be used on your hands either. When we go out and Jamie is in pain it comes in super handy. We can’t carry a lavender pillow and microwave but the hand warmer is so convenient and portable. Thus makes for amazing natural pain relief. Boom


If you need to charge anytime any place then this for you!

If you want to warm your hands in the winter this is for you too!

Need heated pain relief on the go this is perfect!

I love my hand warmer for so many reasons. I have had to buy one for everyone in the family and they make a great gift btw. My youngest even uses his to warm his hands up ready for gaming!

Don’t be left out in the cold