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The Secrets Of Weighted Therapy!

The Secrets Of Weighted Therapy!


Get ready to unlock the secrets of weighted therapy!

Weighted therapy can be a huge benefit for many people. Weighted Therapy is especially helpful for those with sensory processing difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, dyspraxia, insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain, restless leg syndrome and ADHD.

What Is Weighted Therapy?

Weighted therapy is the use of weighted products to apply deep pressure to help us regulate and calm our sensory systems. The deep pressure on our bodies helps to relieve stress and anxiety. When certain pressure points on the body are stimulated by touch, serotonin is released by the brain. This is naturally converted to melatonin, which relaxes the body, decreasing heart rate and blood pressure. Research also shows that weighted blankets can reduce night-time levels of cortisol.

There are many different kinds of weighted therapy products, Including:

  • Blankets
  • Lap Pads
  • Jackets
  • Backpacks 
  • Vest
  • Cushions
  • Soft Toys 

You can use weighted therapy as part of your sensory diet and sensory breaks.

But What Are Sensory Diets & Breaks?

As sensory diet is a personalised activity plan that provides sensory input throughout the day to help keep us focused, organised and self-regulated.

A sensory break is a break from sedentary activities to allow us the sensory input that our bodies need to stay calm and focused. 

You can schedule weighted therapy throughout the day using products like weighted lap pads and toys during sensory breaks at school or work. Weighted blankets are fantastic for self-soothing at home, especially before bedtime.

So How Can A Weighted Blanket Help Me?

Weighted blankets were designed to relieve stress and anxiety, help with insomnia and calm and regulate the sensory system. Weighted blankets can act like a big tight squeezy hug. They can help your mood and help you sleep.

How Do I Know Which One To Get?

Weighted blankets come in many different weights and sizes. Not to mention the price brackets. When buying or making a weighted blanket the weight should be around 10% of the bodyweight of the person using it. Weighted blankets come in different fabrics and different colours. Some have a removable cover and others are one piece. Making your own blanket gives you the option of using your own preferred cover for style and fabric. It can also save you money. But if like me you aren’t very crafty this can be difficult.

When purchasing a weighted blanket ask yourself these questions:

  • What Weight Should I Buy?
  • Do I need A Removable Cover?
  • Will the Fabric Be Comfortable?


Weighted Blankets can be an amazing addition to your sensory diet but can be an expensive tool. Some local charities have weighted blankets available to borrow to see if they work for you. Some companies will allow you to pay via a payment plan.

At Chewigem you can save up credits with our monthly subscription if you can’t afford to buy one outright and unlock the secrets of weighted therapy today!

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