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Instantly Discover Your Sensory Profile

Why We Chew

Lots of people have the need to chew.

For some people they just have the urge to chew, others may be diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, Sensory Processing Difficulties, Dyspraxia, OCD or Developmental Delay (to name a few).

Chewing & mouthing begins when we are babies in the womb, where we learn to suck and lick.

As babies we suck when we feed, whether it is by breast or bottle, we use the sucking mechanism.

In our first year we explore our world using our senses, and lots of this exploring is done by mouthing.

As a baby we learn to self sooth by sucking, whether it be a dummy, our fingers or a random object.

When we get older some of us still feel the need to mouth, suck and chew.  We do this for many reasons some of which are included below:

* To investigate objects
* To meet emotional needs
* To sooth pain or discomfort
* To self regulate

Humans have always chewed.  Pieces of chewed birch bark tar with human teeth marks go back 11,000 years.
In ancient Greece they chewed resin.  Now we chew gum.

Chewing Gum has been linked to increased mental performance and alertness and reduced anxiety, stress and salivary cortisol.  I have included a couple of links at the bottom.

We all seek the input we need in one way or another.  Some people need more input to get to the required level in an appropriate and acceptable way.

Chewigem provides a safe, dicreet alternative for the need to chew!